Covid-19 Preparedness & Safety Plan

The co-op team of Firehawks Lacrosse (a team comprised of players from the VAA and BAC [Burnsville Athletic Club]) will be conducting a series of clinics for player development.  These will be played completely in-house, with no travel for games or other off-site events.  This series of clinics are not governed by YLM [Youth Lacrosse of Minnesota], one of the governing bodies for boy’s youth lacrosse in Minnesota.  If there are any conflicts within these documents, the Firehawks will use the more stringent rule, unless a rule change is issued by the state of MN and documents have not been revised per the new rule.

VAA will enforce its COVID-19 Preparedness plan for all events in this series of clinics.  These clinics will include drills and workouts designed to adhere to the latest guidance issued by the Mn Dept. of Health, and/or any other partnering organizations in authority.  These may include, as permitted, contact drills and scrimmages (those these will only take place once permitted).  

Since this series of clinics will be conducted as individual events, running as a pay-to-play for each workout, the VAA will not be providing masks to participants, but rather we will strongly encourage the use of masks.  At the time of their first sign-up, participants / parents will be asked to submit a signed “Assumption of the Risk” waiver

Participants (including parents) / Coaches will adhere to the following:

  • Participants will use only their equipment (sticks, gloves, etc.), with the exception of possible use of club goalie equipment.  Any goalie equipment that is used will be sanitized between each use.  Equipment may not be swapped from one participant to another.
  • Any outside food items (gum, orange slices, etc.) will be prohibited.
  • Pods of players will be age based. All players must pre-register to participate. A waiver will be required the first time a player participates.
  • Coaches will be trained by reading the policies and affirming they have read them. The Firehawks LAX Board will clarify any questions.
  • Coaches will clean balls and other club equipment after every practice.
  • Parents will be required to stay in their vehicles, or, encouraged to drop off their players. If group size permits, parents must be seated at least 6’ apart, at least 12’ outside the field boundary.
  • Players will be instructed to keep their bags more than 6’ apart. Player’s water bottles must be kept in their bag. Players will be instructed to use their sticks to keep at least 6’ apart during drills.
  • Practices will not include face offs. Practices will focus on non-contact skills and plays. Players will not handle balls with their hands. Lacrosse gloves shall be worn at all times.
  • A Firehawks board member, or affiliate, will be present (at a distance) to ensure that the required guidelines are being met