All association and team communication will be directed at parents via emails/texts.

Players may be included in communications sent to parents as a copy only. Please make sure your email address is the one you use regularly. Cell phone numbers for text messages will be used for urgent communication, such as weather changes, etc.

Parents are expected to communicate player absences at practices and games to the coach and/or manager. For games, at least 2 hours advance should be given so the coach is aware of changes needed for lineups.

If a player is injured but is still able to attend school, they are expected to attend and watch games. If a player is benched due to a head impact and a concussion is possible, a doctor clearance is required before returning to play.

If you have questions or concerns about the program, your team or about a specific incident which has occurred, we ask that you please wait for 24 hours. If you still feel the need to discuss it, contact your coach first. If you are uncomfortable contacting your coach, contact a Commissioner or if it is a program level question, come to a board meeting. We will work to ensure all concerns are addressed promptly and appropriately. We are all parents who share the same goal of wanting a great experience for our kids!